10 best email automation platforms and software in 2024

by | Jun 13, 2024

Marketers today may have different strategies, target audiences, and business goals, but they share one thing in common — the need to automate routine processes.

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Email automation is one area set for explosive growth in the coming years as new technologies deploy and marketers take advantage of tools that make their jobs easier, more efficient, and more effective.

Toward that end, email automation platforms have emerged, lightening their loads and improving their return on investment. One study found that automated emails have an average open rate of over 45%, compared to about 18% for non-automated messages. Moreover, automated emails drive 320% more revenue than their non-automated counterparts.

So, what does automation entail? And what is the best email automation platform to use in 2024? This article explores our top 10 platform picks to help you choose the best technology for your needs and set your business up for success in the new year.

What to look for in an email automation platform

Choosing the right email automation platform is crucial for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Here are the essential factors to look for when evaluating different platforms and software tools.

Automation capabilities

Ensure the platform supports a wide variety of automation features to tailor your campaigns to individual customer journeys. Drip campaigns, welcome emails, behavioral triggers such as abandoned carts, post-purchase follow-ups, and personalized messaging are just a few of the possible automations that might be important to your campaigns.

Ease of use

All the automation in the world won’t help you if you have to spend hours in onboarding and training sessions. An intuitive, user-friendly interface is essential for getting up and running quickly and streamlining your workflow. Look for platforms that offer easy navigation and a straightforward setup process.


Consider your future growth when selecting a platform. Ensure it can scale with your business, accommodating an expanding subscriber list and increasing campaign complexity.

Responsive design

With the prevalence of mobile device usage, responsive email design is a must. Look for a platform with responsive templates so your emails will render properly on any device.

Customizable templates

Select an email automation platform that provides a range of customizable templates. Having the flexibility to design visually appealing emails aligned with your brand is essential for leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

User reviews and recommendations

Explore user reviews and testimonials to understand other businesses‘ experiences with the platform. Real-world feedback can provide valuable insights into the platform’s performance, reliability, and user satisfaction. For each automation platform below, we’ve included pros and cons gleaned from real user feedback and links to reviews on Capterra and G2.

The best email automation platforms in 2024

The number of global email users continues to grow worldwide, with over 4.7 billion users expected by 2026 — more than half of the projected world population. Savvy marketers know they need to keep up with the surge in users, and 65% of marketers are leveraging email automation to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

Count yourself among the forward-thinking marketers of 2024 by choosing the best email marketing software for your needs.

Here are our top picks for the best email automation platforms:

  1. Customer.io
  2. Ortto
  3. Iterable
  4. Braze
  5. Vero
  6. Brevo
  7. Klaviyo
  8. CleverTap
  9. Keap
  10. ActiveCampaign

Okay, let’s take a look at each platform.

1. Customer.io

  • Pricing: Starts at $100 USD per month

Catering primarily to marketing teams, Customer.io taps into real-time customer data to create data-driven campaigns across channels. The platform’s Journeys product is an automation software that allows you to segment customers using detailed customer profiles. Combined with Data Pipelines, a customer data platform that links your entire tech stack, the Customer.io product suite enables personalized messaging that resonates with your target audience.

Customer.io notable features

  • Automated and personalized messaging: Enhance your marketing strategy by automating and tailoring messages for distinct customer segments, delivering targeted offers and personalized content.
  • Multi-channel connectivity: Connect with your audience on their terms, using their preferred communication channels. Improve engagement by meeting your customers where they are.
  • Integrations: Sync with popular tools such as Buffer, Calendly, ClickFunnels, Facebook Ads, and Eventbrite to meet your campaign goals.
  • Visual workflows: Build campaigns visually, integrating automated or API-triggered workflows, broadcasts, and transactional messages.

Customer.io use cases

Businesses worldwide use Customer.io to automate email campaigns and strengthen customer relationships. Youth sports and live-streaming company BallerTV used Customer.io to segment audiences and personalize campaigns, resulting in a 30% increase in click-through rates. Thermostat manufacturer Mysa grew revenue by over 592% by creating a more targeted email marketing strategy through Customer.io. Read more case studies here.

Customer.io reviews


  • Automated or API-triggered workflows
  • Integrations with dozens of apps (and the ability to request integrations)
  • Stellar campaign creation and management tools


  • Costlier than other options
  • Might not work well for independent entrepreneurs on a budget
  • Some users report poor analytics

Read more reviews at Capterra and G2.

2. Ortto

  • Pricing: After a free trial, plans start at $509 monthly (paid annually)

Ortto (formerly Autopilot) is an all-in-one marketing automation solution combining customer journeys, customer data, integrated AI marketing tools, and campaign analytics. From email marketing to live chat, Ortto helps you tailor campaigns to your audience, facilitating better audience engagement.

Ortto notable features

  • Journeys: Create engaging campaigns that resonate across the entire customer lifecycle, personalizing interactions based on specific events and customer behaviors.
  • Talk: Leverage AI-powered live chat and an omnichannel inbox to deliver excellent customer experiences.
  • Ortto AI: Optimize your messaging and save time with integrated AI tools, offering capabilities such as an AI subject line writer to enhance email open rates.
  • Integrated campaigns: Leverage multiple channels, including emails, SMS marketing, and push notifications, to improve your reach and audience engagement.

Ortto use cases

From startups to enterprises, Ortto serves customers around the world seeking marketing automation, omnichannel marketing, and personalization. Photography company Shoott used Ortto’s journey builder to recover abandoned carts and re-engage lost customers. Resource management SaaS company Mosaic has streamlined its webinar workflow, saving time, increasing sign-ups, and driving conversions. Read more case studies here.

Ortto reviews


  • Excels at drip campaigns
  • Effective AI-suggested replies
  • Visual workflows


  • May be too pricey for a small or solo business
  • Poor integration with Salesforce
  • Slow customer support

Read more reviews at Capterra and G2.

3. Iterable

  • Pricing: Request a demo for pricing information

Iterable is an all-in-one customer communication platform featuring AI-powered cross-channel communications. Built for user-friendliness, Iterable empowers non-technical teams to create personalized communications with smart templates, spanning various channels like mobile, email, SMS, and web. They also have a great blog for those working in lifecycle marketing.

Iterable notable features

  • AI capabilities: Leverage AI features like customizable predictive goals and generative AI to optimize marketing campaigns at scale.
  • Real-time data activation: Activate your customers and make informed decisions with real-time behavioral data, driving more value to your bottom line.
  • User-friendly tools: Simplify your workflow with easy-to-use tools and automation — no prior technical knowledge required.
  • Open and flexible integration: Collaborate across platforms with Iterable’s open architecture and network of 100+ partner integrations.

Iterable use cases

Iterable reviews


  • All-in-one platform for growth marketers
  • Easy to use but packed with advanced features
  • Exceptional customer support


  • Occasional API downtime
  • Integration issues
  • Reporting tools need work

Read more reviews at Capterra and G2.

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